Tasha | Portrait

Tasha is soft-spoken and warm and completely lovely. This is our second photo walk of the year, and I am smitten with the outcome of our meandering.

I've been thinking a lot about rest lately (especially after reading this article) and how we so rarely permit ourselves a break free of guilt. Usually after January, I am in a headlong rush to bring spring, my best season, full of growth and life. But here I am in the heart of winter, and I find myself tired. Especially as I keep trying to force myself into creativity and coming up with empty palms. I told two of my dearest friends that I was in a "February funk," and it just dawned on me that I don't have to be flourishing for the entirety of the year. So, experimentally, I think I may hibernate the rest of the month and build up my reserves for spring. 

Give yourself a break if you find your heart and body craving it.